Webelos/AOL to Scouts Transition Day

The History and Purpose of Webelos Transition Day

The transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts is a time when we lose a
large percentage of our cub scouts and one of the primary reasons is that
youth and parents are not familiar with how different boy scouting is from cub
scouting and the wonderful opportunities awaiting. Recognizing this issue, in
the mid 1990’s, Scoutmaster Rodney Parsons of Troop 800 initiated a Webelos
to Scout Transition Day to demonstrate the fun and opportunities of boy
scouting. The troop expanded the event to include District and other troops to increase the number of boys who could benefit from the experience. This day is a perfect opportunity for troops across the District to volunteer at a station and meet Webelos ready to cross over. It is also an opportunity for Webelos to meet the Scouts of several different troops in a fun and engaging environment.

Scouts move through different events. At each event, they are given safety and event specific instructions. Adult leaders are present to ensure all the safety rules are followed, but the hands-on training is provided by Boy Scouts – Scouts teaching cubs.

This event was featured in the August 2013 issue of Boy’s Life Magazine and
has been covered numerous times by local newspapers.

All Webelos and AOL Scouts, parents and their leaders are welcome and
encouraged to come out for a day of fun-filled activities designed to help
transition boys from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Meet and greet prospective Boy
Scout Troops and see what Boy Scouts is all about.