Updating your Beascout.org page

Access to the Beascout.org page is only available to UnitKey3.

As many of you are aware we have had an online registration system set up for the Council for the last few years via our Doubleknot system.  We are happy to report that National has now established an online registration system that is linked directly to our  www.beascout.org website.

This new online system will reduce the amount of time our office staff need to process online applications and also reduce some costs associated with our current online application process as National will be absorbing the credit card processing fees.

In order for your unit to begin receiving applications through this new system we need for you to update some information via  my.scouting.org.  Here are the steps for getting your beascout.org pin updated:


Registering New Scouts Online

Packs that are using the online registration process to register their new scouts are pretty excited about it!  If your unit has not activated their “BeAScout” pin for online registration, you are missing out! Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to  my.scouting.org and log in.
  2. Select Menu, Select My Dashboard
  3. Select My Profile and update your contact info.
  4. Select Menu again, Select Legacy Web Tools, Select BeAScout
  5. Select Unit Pin Management, use the drop down menu to select your unit
  6. Change your Unit Pin Mode from Council to Unit, change your pin status to active, and then set your apply status to active.  Update your meeting info. and additional info. as needed.

If you would like your new parent to receive an automated welcome email message to go along with the Chief Scout Executive’s message, you may do so by setting your unit’s configurations:

Click on Menu,  Select Unit Number and select Organization Manager and select opt in and type your message, click commit to save.

Next, you need the url or QR code to send your parents to register online. This can be accessed by clicking on Menu, select your unit, select Invitation Manager from the drop down list, click on URL on the top right hand side of the screen.  Copy the url to paste on your unit’s web site or in an email or take a photo of the QR code or print it on a flyer for parents to scan.