Roundtable Resources

Below you will find a list of resources discussed at our District Roundtables. WARNING! Spoiler alert to fun! This page is not meant as a replacement to attending Roundtable.  It is a resource for those Scout leaders who did attend and would like a copy of the information discussed. Nothing can replace our monthly discussions and networking.

August 2021-Membership
Scout Life mini-Magazine

February 2021
Advancement Recognition
Joint Troop/WEB/AOL Outdoor Activity

January 2021
Celestial Navigation Notes
Celestial Navigation PPT
Map and Compass Skills

December 2020
Hiking Project- Richmond
Hiking Project-Goochland/Cumberland
RVA on the Cheap-nature walks, scenic hikes
James River Park trails
Hiking Virginia
Hiking Powhatan
Hiking Richmond
Put the ‘Out’ in Scouting PPT

November 2020
French Huguenots in VA
History of Midlothian, VA
History of Huguenot Trail PPT
Discover Powhatan County
Discover Buckingham County
Historic Chesterfield Sites
Bon Air Historical Society
Chesterfield Historical Society
Cumberland Historical Society
Powhatan Historical Society
VA Roadside Markers

October 2020
Road to Eagle Helps

Cubs: The Administrative Structure of BSA

September 2020
Pioneering skills
Pioneering Projects by Andrew Miller
Troop Leader Resources
10 Essential Knots and how to tie them

August 2020
Re-start Check List
Prevention of Communicable Diseases P.R.A.Y. program delivered through Zoom resources
September 2019 “Ceremonies and Recognition”
Scouting Ceremonies “Notes”
Ceremonies for Dens and Packs
New Member Coordinator Position Description
New Member Coordinator FAQs
June 2019 UP3 “Leave No Trace”
Central VA Waste management -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
BSA Teaching LnT
BSA Outdoor Ethics
Leave No
James River Association
James River Park System Invasive Plant Task Force
Outdoor Ethics, US Dept of Interior-Bureau of Land Management
Becoming a BSA LnT Trainer
LnT training resources
Women Specific Issues for LnT
February 2019 How to use Scoutbook
Introduction to Scoutbook
Scoutbook for Parents
February Ppt presentation
Sept. 2018 Religious Emblems “P.R.A.Y. Program”
P.R.A.Y. website
Pray Awards Brochure
Take Home Handout for Parents

June 2018 “UP3”

May 2018 Scoutbook Resources
April 2018 STEM resources for Cub Leaders:

Fun STEM activities:

March 2018

November 2017 First Aid Baseball with instructions and question cards

June 2017

WOW! UP3 this year was amazing! If you didn’t attend you sure did miss out. We had the following vendors in attendance:

Chesterfield County Library-State Parks Backpack program,
Makerspace and 3-D printer, John Twombly: 5-11
Mini-Miners- Katherine Paine:
Challenge Discovery– Sarah Davenport:  (804) 876-9733
Richmond Railroad Museum
Pocahontas State Park
Rain Gutter Regatta Resources:
How to Build a boat
Inflatable Track
Build your own track
Baloo’s Bugle “How to Run a regatta race”

  • Switch it up and use recycled materials to build the boat, like half of a soda bottle with a pencil for a mast.
  • Experiment and try blowing the boats with straws
  • Run a catamaran race by dividing the regatta boat into two parts
  • Have the boats run on steam power
  • Race wooden paddle boats

Space Derby Resources:
Space Derby Kit
How to build a space ship
More Tips
How to build a Space derby Track
Running a Regatta/Space/Pinewood Derby

April 2017
Campsite selection: presentation pdf

It was Show & Tell night at Roundtable this month! Some folks brought in their “must-have” camp gadgets, tools, etc. Here are the ones that were shared with the group…
    • Nalgene bottle filled with survival gear and wrapped with duct tape
    • Wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun and rain
    • Swiss Army knife
    • “Squishy” collapsible lantern
    • A caribiner with trash bag wrapped tightly around it
    • BackTrack GPS unit
    • Thermarest camping pillow
    • Camping chair (I can’t remember what brand Bill has but Crazy Creek makes similar ones)
    • Night Ize GearLine
    • UST survival playing cards
  • Glowsticks to mark guy lines at night.

March 2017
Cub Scout: Aquanaut presentation pdf

February 2017
Cub Scout: Stem Presentation

January 2017
Cub leaders were led in a discussion on the “God and Me” program and how it can be implemented in rank advancement. We also discussed the “Scouts’ Own Service”. Presentation on God and Me and rank advancement Sample Mass Service

December 2016 Joint Cub and Scout presentation on the US flag and flag Etiquette accban-flag-diagram Flag Code Flag Etiquette Flag Quiz Flag Quiz Answer Key

September 2016

Christopher’s Angels was created by Alexander Sims in the spirit of his twin brother Christopher, who died by suicide in 2014 at the age of 14. In his short life, with many accomplishments and many friends, Christopher believed that kindness can change the world and make it a better place. He was kind to people and animals and believed every person offered a unique contribution to our world! Subscribers to our program participate in and promote Christopher’s Angels’ Random Good Deeds and Kindness Days on the 22nd day of each month.  Small deeds like saying “hello” to a stranger, holding the door open for someone behind you, asking to join someone who is eating alone or helping someone with their books, bags, etc., can inspire others to follow.  Other deeds like speaking out against a bully can save a life and create more heroes to do the same!

Recruiting Volunteers and New Parent Orientation
Pack Family Talent Survey
Troop Talent Survey
Venturing Talent Survey
Pack Structure Chart
Pack Leadership Labels
Pack Leadership Job Descriptions
Understanding and Recruiting Pack Volunteers
Parent Recruiting Cards
Pack Position Cards
Article about Recruiting Volunteers
Recruitment Skits
Selecting Cub Leaders
Cub Scout Parent Orientation quick sheets    (editable)

June 2016

UP3 Vendor resources for adding zest to your Scouting Program.
The Adventure Park at Sandy River Retreat- Owner/Operator Candice Smith 434-392-PARK Central Virginia Orienteering Club Tim Gilbert 804-304-8841   Challenge Discovery Ropes Course 804.876.9733

April 2016

Cub: Den Leader Recognition
100 Ways to recognize Den Leaders
Thank you in many languages
Thank you for your Commit-mint
Thank you with M & Ms
Thanks for being a Lifesaver/Nuts and Bolts award

Tic-Tac-Toe Relay! 20160407_200101

March 2016

Celestial Navigation PPT Celestial Navigation Notes

December 2015

Heather’s Christmas cookie recipe click here
Roundtable Relay Fun:
Boy Scout RT Historic Trails
Historic Trails/50 miler Award
Jamestown Hike
Old Dominion Trail
Williamsburg Hike
Yorktown Hike
Virginia’s Civil War Trail

November 2015

First Aid!

Wow! If you didn’t make it to this RT you really missed out on a lot of fun. We had Kim’s Game for First Aid kits, moulage, and First Aid kit refreshers as well as fresh and engaging ideas to teach first aid to Cubs and Scouts. We need to give a shout out of  special “Thanks!” to Holly Sturdevant T-1807 for the moulage tips. Here is our collection of resources:

Scouting Magazine program guide click here

Boys Life emergency Scenarios click here20151105_202324 

PDF Resources:
First Aid Jeopardy Powerpoint
First Aid Crossword
Teaching First Aid Powerpoint 20151105_202332
Teaching First Aid Po20151105_202309werpoint notes

First Aid kit lists, personal/Pack/Troop/Crew
First Aid wound effects
Moulage Cookbook
Moulage Recipes20151105_202316Moulage Kit Moulage Injuries

Mark’s burn pain was too intense!

August 2015

Cub RT: Service Projects and Uniforms A good service project is the foundation for helping boys become good citizens and teaches them the value of service to others. It teaches empathy: an awareness that others are suffering, to look at the issue from their perspective and wish to ease their pain, moving beyond sadness and pity to aspire change.  Click here for details.

Boy Scout RT: Recruiting We all know the key to Troop growth is successful recruiting, but how do we effectively recruit?Don’t wait until AOL crossover time to start a relationship with Cub Packs. Click here for more information.