Resources from last night’s Round Table

NYLT is looking for candidate youth to attend the training this summer. More information can be found here at

Questions? Ask Course Director Barry Sellers:

The Round Table team would like to thank Mike Sobczak for the delicious Dutch Oven cooking he did last night. Here are the details for his recipe:

The recipe for the Meramec River Chili Pie, page 92 of the cookbook .

April RT!: Calling all Camp Chefs and Scouters who have cooked a unique dish while camping with your unit or who can cook a dish in a creative or unique way.  Huguenot Trail District Round Table staff would like to see you and your skills at our April RT meeting. We want to see everything from dutch oven to open fire to box ovens.  Our theme for the month is “OUTDOOR COOKING” and what we are asking is for you to prepare a dish, be prepare to explain how it is prepared and share a sample of the dish.
 -RT staff will provide cups/plates for attendees to walk around and sample food items.       -Round Table starts at 7:00 pm.  We ask that you be prepared to share your dish at 7:20 pm. 
-We will close the demonstration at 8:00 pm to allow ample time for you to clean and pack up your items. 
-Many of you may need to arrive earlier to set up, prepare and have your dish ready for sampling. 
-Cooking will be done in a grassy area adjacent to the gym at Mt. Pisgah UMC. 
– Please keep the principles of Leave No Trace in mind as you prepare your dish. 
-We do not want to leave any burned or charred areas on the church grounds. 
-There will be a large metal container available to dump coals/ashes in and water buckets available to drown your coals.

Please respond to RT Commissioner Frank Howard and let him know who you are, your unit and the dish you will prepare.
-When you reply, let us know what time you need to set up and RT staff will be on hand to assist and have the church opened.

MAY RT will be held in Powhatan at the Powhatan Fire Station #2 ; Huguenot Volunteer Fire Dept 1959 Urbine Rd Powhatan

June RT will start at 6 p.m. with a District Dinner and UP3 presentation afterwards. (More details and how to sign up TBA)

We are looking for YOU to submit nominations for the District Award of Merit (click to get forms) and District Recognition Certificates. This is our chance to recognize our superb team of Huguenot Trail Unit leaders!!

Please read the forms carefully for eligibility requirements. All nominations must be submitted to Heather Mulvihill no later than 7 May, 2020. They may be scanned to

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