Information Current for 2018

Each year scout units go through the recharter process to ensure their scouts and leaders are properly registered. This enables our scout council to keep advancement records updated, leaders properly trained, and provide insurance for your unit’s exciting scouting program.

Recharter Training

The annual recharter process can be intimidating, both for those going through it the first time as well as experienced scouters. Join us at the upcoming Recharter Training to get the ins-and-outs of this year’s scouting recharter process.

Our district’s recharter training will cover everything you know to ensure your unit is rechartered smoothly, on-time, and with no surprises We want to do everything we can to help your unit recharter successfully, and reduce the time and effort you put into completing this year’s registration. Join us TBA so we can give you the tricks and tips to making this year’s recharter a breeze.

What: Huguenot Trail Recharter Training
Where: Mt. Pisgah UMC
When: 16 October, 2018   7 p.m.
Who: Recharter Processor and alternate

Please ensure that your unit’s recharter coordinator will be able to attend our district’s recharter training, or will make arrangements to attend training in a neighboring district.


Packet Distribution

 Recharter packets will be handed out at the district’s October Round Table during Round Table.  Mt. Misgah United Methodist Church, 1100 Mt. Pisgah Dr, Midlothian. These packets contain all of the information you need to be able to complete your unit’s recharter quickly and submit it on time.

One of the most important items in your recharter packet is your Internet Recharter access code. This code is different for your unit each year, and enabled you to log in to the scouting Internet Recharter system to update your records and, when ready, submit your final roster electronically.

Please ensure your unit has a representative at the October Roundtable meeting to pick up your packet.

Update Roster, Get Signatures

The Internet Recharter system enables units to view the scout and adult leader information that currently exists in council records, update where necessary, and do an electronic submission. It is important to start this process as early as possible, since getting the updated information together can sometimes be a lengthy process.

  1. Ensure you have an account on, if not, you will need to create one.
  2. Log-in to
  3. Click the “Menu” button in the upper left corner and select “Legacy Web Tools”. Under “Legacy Web Tools” you will find “Internet Recharter”.
  4. If this is your first time accessing the Internet Recharter system this year, you will select that you are a “Register/First Time User”. When you return in the following weeks, you will select “Log-In ”. Since your unit’s recharter code changes each year, you are considered a “First Time User” when you first access the system in 2018.
  5. Enter the Access Code provided to you in your recharter packet. If you do not have this code, please contact the District Commissioner here.
  6. Select whether you are with a Troop, Pack, Crew or Team and enter the Unit Number.
  7. Click on the link to Load Council Unit Information, which will bring up the unit records currently on file with the Heart of Virginia. Print this roster but do not submit. At this point there are a number of steps you will need to take to prepare your recharter for submission. Likely this will require working with your unit leaders and scout parents, so plan time for this at your next unit function.
  8. Compare your roster to council’s roster and make a list of the names that are missing from council’s records and will be  new to your scouting unit.
  9. Determine if the missing names are ones that applications have been turned in for, but are not showing on the roster. This means that they are paid up for the current year and you will need to pay for only 2018. Any new names to be added will need to pay a prorated fee for the rest of 2018 year as well as the full fee for 2019. Note: All applications should be turned in immediately and recharters refreshed to update. Any applications turned in with recharter will not be processed until January or after and will not count for this year.
  10. Once the online records have been fully updated, submit your recharter and print a copy to be signed. Signatures must be present from your (1) unit leader(Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor) and (2) executive officer or Chartered Organization Representative. This signed document must be presented at your recharter turn-in event.
  11. Ensure all leaders on your roster have current Youth Protection (that will not expire between 1 November 2018 and 31 March, 2019) and position specific training.
  12. How to find your Training Records:
  13. If you are submitting training records, the Registrar will only accept 1 comprehensive training certificate. She CANNOT accept a stack of training certs for 1 person. Contact District Commissioner Heather Mulvihill (under “Contact Us” on the menu bar above) for help with training records.

“List of DOs and Donts” 

  1. DO NOT USE the online payment because:    1. National is charging a 3% fee 2.The recharter can only be processed EXACTLY AS SUBMITTED, so if there are any problems the entire recharter has to wait to be fixed.
  2. DO NOT use electronic signatures. The paperwork must be printed and handsigned.
  3. DO NOT print the EZ version and sign it. It will not be accepted as it does not contain complete information and last minute changes can not be made to it.
  4. The only training certificates accepted for new leaders or anyone changing positions – will be the 3 certificates (one from each section – Before the First Meeting, The First 30 Days and Position Trained).  DO NOT submit a million different certificates from each individual lesson! If you have a training cert issue please contact  District Commissioner Heather Mulvihill (under “Contact Us” on the menu bar above) for help with training records.
  5. DO properly PROMOTE people from other units, don’t list them as new and create an extra profile for an existing person. Creating an extra profile for an existing person will scramble their training or advancement records.
  6. DO update/refresh your roster often, especially when you turn in any applications after Oct 1. We do not want to lose anyone through the recharter cracks. Updating Roster also brings over any new trainings taken.
  7. DO use the council database for uploading your roster, not your advancement program. This ensures correct legal names as they are listed in ScoutNet, not whatever nickname they may go by in the unit. This delays processing at Council.
  8. There are NO TRANSFERS at recharter. If you use this, fees will not be properly calculated and your recharter may be held up due to lack of funds.
  9. Only ONE position per person per unit, except for COR which may also be CC or MC.

Recharter Training (Here)

MORE Frequently Asked Questions (HERE)

Recharter Time-line–

4 October— Recharters available for Pick-up at RoundTable
1 October— On-line system is open
16 October– Recharter training and refresher course at Mt. Pisgah
14, 15, 16 November— Recharters turned in at Council office by appointment

The following documents will assist you with preparing your documents for turning in:


Last Date to Submit Completed Paperwork

It is imperative that your completed paperwork be turned in before or on the recharter deadline, which for the 2018 year is  14, 15, 16 November. Please make an appointment with Senior District Executive Geoff Angle to turn in the paperwork on 14, 15, 16 November at the Council Office. Should your unit recharter not be turned in by the deadline, your unit will be locked out of purchasing advancement items in the Scout Shop until such time that your recharter is submitted. If you are worried about your recharter, please contact your Unit Commissioner or District Commissioner for help.