Huguenot Trail Spring Scavenger Hunt!

Think you know where you live? Join the scouting community of all ranks and ages as we have fun in the District and have our own Amazing Race!
This event starts today 5 February, 2021 and will run through 4 March, 2021.
Get out and explore where you live!!!

Scavenger Hunt rules:

  • You may internet search for help while hunting, however, you must take a picture of yourself in front of each location, building or historical marker.

  •  Please be respectful of the property you are visiting and follow the rules of Leave No Trace.

  • Parents of Cubs, give your Cubs a map and have them use those map skills to follow your route. It would cut down on your driving and help your Cub’s attention span if you try to solve the clues before heading out. Have your Cubs help you search the internet and talk them through the clue process.

  • When you have completed the hunt, send your pictures and locations along with your name and mailing address in a message to the Huguenot Trail Facebook page. Your completion certificate and patch will be snail-mailed to you. (Due to limited amount of supply, vintage patches are reserved for scouts only)

Click here for the CLUES

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