Huguenot Trail Hobo Camping Challenge

What: Camping challenge to all units in the HT District
When: June 2020
Where: Outside camping
Who: open to all Registered HT Unit Hobos & Boettes

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HT Hobo Camping Challenge participation
Every HT Scout is offered the chance to
test out and showcase their best outdoor
camping skills.
*Hobo style camping includes but is not
limited to the following options: Tents,
tarps, hammocks, boxes, under the stars.
HT Hobo Camping Challenge – to qualify
~ the duration of 8 evening hours must be
in the structure
~ the scout must be primarily responsible
for construction & take down of habitat
~ picture submission of structure
HT Hobo Camping Challenge – Prizes
~ most nights accumulated
~ highest % of unit members sleeping out on the
same night (doesn’t have to be same location!)
~ Accountable Actions – As Hobo’s are known to
be traveling workers – what tasks were
accomplished around the campsite?
~ most creative Hobo meal
HT Hobo Camping Challenge – Entries
~ to ‘enter’ Hobo night:
Submit a picture of structure that was slept in including date of
use, Scout name & unit number
~ to ‘enter’ Hobo Accountable Action:
Submit a picture of action and short description, Scout name &
unit number
~ to ‘enter’ Hobo meal:
Submit a picture of meal, Scout name & unit number
All entries can be emailed to: subject line = HT Hobo

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