How to Synch your Scoutbook with ScoutNet

For those using Scoutbook, did you know that you can SYNCH your unit’s advancement records with those BSA officially tracks in ScoutNet? If your unit previously had synched your Scoutbook account, by now you should have received a notification that the SYNCH feature has been restored. The “best” advantage from my perspective of synching your Scoutbook account is that you no longer have to use the legacy Internet Advancement application. But there are other advantages too… like being able to ‘synch’ the training of your leaders.

Enabling the SYNCH feature of your unit’s Scoutbook account requires you to take the action it will not happen by itself. ANY pack, troop or crew can do it. (Hang on shipmate…. Ships will be coming in early 2018.) Here are some ‘tricks’ that I learned synching a unit’s Scoutbook account that I pass along because they might help you – please share this liberally with the units you serve:
• You access the Unit Synch feature by scrolling down to the bottom of your unit’s Scoutbook homepage and clicking on the EDIT ‘UNIT’ button.
• Before you synch:
1. Make sure you have your unit’s ScoutNet password. You should be able to get this from your DE.
2. If you have more than one BSA membership ID, make sure that your My.Scouting active profile is the same as the one for the unit you are synching. (Mostly applies to those Scouters with registrations also at the area/regional/national level.)
3. If you have some youth in Scoutbook that have not yet gotten fully registered, go in and “Unapprove” them. You do this by going into the individual Scout’s record, clicking on their current MEMBERSHIP, ‘un-check’ the POSITION APPROVED box, and then click the UPDATE button. (This happened to me because I had turned in a Scout’s application the night before I tried to synch. You will need to do this for ALL youth you might be tracking in Scoutbook who have not yet officially registered.)
4. Check that all your registered youth and leaders have their BSA number entered into their PROFILE. You can download a full unit roster with member numbers using the My.Scouting Member Manager.
5. When you are ready to SYNCH your unit’s advancement, go the EDIT ‘UNIT’ button and proceed through each of the steps. The first time you synch your unit it may take a few minutes… especially if you have a large number of youth. Once synched, the Scoutbook and ScoutNet will keep each youth’s information in synch.
6. If you subsequently add new youth, after you have added their membership number you can indvidually add each Scout to your unit’s SYNCH function simply by opening the individual scout’s record and click on the “Click here to active” hyperlink found in the yellow bar right above the Scout’s Advancement summary box.
7. Updating your Leaders Scoutbook training requires you to go to the unit’s TRAINED LEADERS REPORT, scroll to the bottom and click the ScoutNET Unit Training Sych icon.
8. Whenever you add new Leaders (after you have added their membership number to their profile), or want to update the Training information repeat this process.
• Because there are multiple databases involved, give the process 24-28 hours to have the youth advancements sych fully within all of BSA’s systems.

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