While we will try to have a lot of your possible questions answered here on the FAQ page, there will be questions we have not thought about.  If you can’t find the answers you need, please Contact Us or check here at the National website for more FAQs.

    1. How can I register my child in Scouting? BeAScout.org or check out our “Units” page.
    2. What is the District Number for Huguenot Trail? Each District within Heart of Virginia Council has a unique number code for quick identification signified by the first 2 numbers of that District’s units. Huguenot Trail’s number is “18”.
    3. What is Heart of Virginia Council’s Number? All Council’s within BSA are given a unique number code for quick identification by National. HOVC’s number is “602”.
    4. Who can attend Round Table? Everyone! All Unit leaders are invited to attend this valuable monthly meeting. Check out our “Round Table” page to find out when and where.
    1. I’m a new leader, how quickly am I required to be fully trained in my position? Immediately. We require leaders to be fully trained before they can be registered in the position. Youth Protection Training is online. The position-specific training is offered multiple times and places as well as at the on-line Scouting Learning Center, so, with planning you’ll be trained to deliver a quality program to your youth as quickly as possible.
    1. Are there different Youth Protection Training requirements for different leadership positions in Scouting? No. There is now one comprehensive Youth Protection Training for leaders (Y01).
    1. Who is considered the “Top Leader” for a Scouting Unit? The “Top Leader” is the single “direct contact leader” for a unit. For a Pack, this is the Cubmaster. For a troop, this is the Scoutmaster. For a team, this is the Varsity Team Coach. For a crew, this is the Venturing Crew Adviser. For a ship, this is the Skipper.
    1. Who is considered a  “Direct Contact Leader”? This is defined by your registered official position within the unit. If you are registered as one of the following, you are a “direct contact leader”.
      Asst. Cubmaster
      Den leaders for all ranks
      Asst. Den leaders for all ranks
      Asst. Scoutmasters
      Leader of 11-year-olds **LDS Troops only
      Varsity Coaches
      Asst. Varsity Coaches
      Crew Advisors
      Associate Crew Advisors
  1. Why on earth do I need to fill out a form every time I change leadership position? I’m already a registered leader! Good question! The reason being that BSA does not own it’s units. They are “own” by the Chartered Organization and administered by District and Council staff. That being said, whenever someone wants to join or change leadership positions, the Chartered Organization must approve the change with a signature on your membership form. Nothing at the scout office can be done without that signature of approval. The only time a leader may change leadership roles without a form and signature is during ReCharter when it can be changed in the ReCharter program however, the Chartered Organization must still sign off on the final ReCharter draft acknowledging the change.
  2. How do we find out how long our Troop/Pack/Crew has been in existence?  It is listed on your recharter as number of months, however, if you can’t find the location you can call the council office and Robin, Maggie or Valerie can look it up for you.
  3. How do I get/grant access to Training records and Advancement records? Your Training and Advancement chairs will have to grant you access in My.Scouting. This access is good only for the Recharter year-ending 31 December for our Council. It needs to be granted anew with each recharter. To grant access the Chairs must go into their account, Click “Menu”, then Click “Organization Security Manager”. In the right hand column “click” on the position they would like to assign. A green “plus/add” symbol will appear above the position box. By clicking the green “plus/add” symbol a list will appear to choose eligible people. *Note: this list will only contain persons with background checks and current YPT.

If your questions have not been answered by our FAQ page, please Contact Us and let us know what questions you have.