District Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby is one of the most popular family activities in Cub Scouting. Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. They then race the cars in competition against other Cub Scouts in their den. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. Most packs have a pinewood derby every year. It can be run indoors or outdoors.

Huguenot Trail’s District Pinewood Derby is held every February (March 2021) after the Packs have had a chance to run their own derbies.

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Pinewood Derby 2021

13 March, 2021– Facebook Broadcast  “Virtual Race”

Guidelines for 2021:
1. Cars must adhere to the rules and parameters of the “District Pinewood Derby rules” found below.

**Should your car not meet the District PWD rules, it will be run in the “Outlaw” race for the scout’s rank.

2. Packs are responsible for impounding all cars that qualify at their Pack race and any other cars they would like to enter and:

    1. deliver them in one batch to the address found in the flyer below
    2. Individual cars will not be accepted UNLESS it is the only car racing from a Pack
    3. Please call Mike Davis (phone number in flyer) before drop-off to ensure he is home and can store them safely in his garage
    4. Drop of deadline is: 8pm on March 11th

3. Packs are responsible for picking up all cars after the race.

4. All cars impounded by a Pack will have the following placed on a piece of tape on the car:
       A.  Last name of scout
       B. Rank
       C. Pack number

  1. The attached list (found in the flyer below) must be completely filled out
  2. One check covering the cost of all cars ($7 per car) must be included with the form and cars at drop off (please make check out to Heart of Virginia Council)

The race will be broadcast on facebook which allows for recording and rebroadcasting the race at a later date should you miss the live race.



The District’s Official 2021 Derby Rules.