District Leadership Structure

The district Key 3 consists of the District Chair (Andre Russotti), District Commissioner (Heather Mulvihill), and Senior District Executive (Geoff Angle). They meet as often as necessary to ensure proper coordination of the work of the district (probably twice a month for about an hour). The district’s purpose is to support units to ensure that our youth members get the best possible Scouting experience in the safest possible environment. The best way to ensure this is to make sure that all units show continuous improvement in Journey to Excellence. The District Key 3 also keep in close telephone contact throughout the month and usually work together in building the agenda for the district committee meeting.

District Committee Members 

District Chairman- Andre Russotti
Advancement Chair- Scott Bailey
          Advancement Committee- Dee Klotz, Dave Robinson, Edgar Jones
Finance Chair- Bill Mulvihill
     FOS- Adam Wilson, Bob Preston, Sam Bartle
     Camp Cards- Jamie Rowland
     Product Sales- Jo Dee Novak
Membership Chair- 
     New Units- Evans Drake
Training Chair- Tracey Portillo
     Den Chief Training- Dywana Saunders-Confroy
Program Chair- Eric Johnson
     Fall Camporee- Eric Johnson, Frank Howard
     Pinewood Derby- Mike Davis
     WEBS/AOL Transition- Mike Davis
     Cub Fishing Day- 
     Cub Day Camp- 
     OA Lodge- Tom Hamilton
     Scouting For Food- 
District Members at Larger- HC Davis, Bill Mulvihill, 
          Cindy Morris,Jim Stallings,Rodney Parsons, 
          Carole Yeatts, Dan Maloy,Sam Bartle, 
          Wendell Roberts,Gary Thompson
Webmaster- Heather Mulvihill

District Commissioner Corps 
ADC- denotes Asst. District Commissioner
UC-denotes Unit Commissioner

District Commissioner- Heather Mulvihill
ADC RoundTables- Kathy Dunn
        Cub Scout RT Comm- Bill Mulvihill
        Asst. Cub RT Comm- Empty
        Boy Scout RT Comm- Frank Howard
        Asst. Boy Scout RT Comm- Greg Dunton
        Crew RT Comm- Empty
        Asst. Crew RT Comm- Empty
ADC LDS Units- Empty
        UC Pack 867- Kathy Rowland
        UC Pack 1864- Amiee Barker
        UC Troop 867- Mark Babb
        UC Troop 1864- Mark Babb
ADC Ship Units- Empty
        UC Ship 1832- Empty 
ADC Venturing Units- Empty
        UC Crew 1819- Empty
        UC Crew 1881- Empty
        UC Crew 1893- Empty
        UC Crew 6522- Empty
        UC Crew 6535- Cindy Morris
ADC Packs- Mike Milone
        UC Pack 836- James Childress
        UC Pack 861- Bill Confroy
        UC Pack 876- Luke Vetti
        UC Pack 893- Linda Milone 
        UC Pack 1811- James Childress
        UC Pack 1823- Eric Johnson
        UC Pack 1825- Mike Milone
        UC Pack 1832- Eric Johnson
        UC Pack 1838- Eric Johnson
        UC Pack 1879- Linda Milone
        UC Pack 1891- Thomas Millisor
        UC Pack 1892- Mike Milone
        UC Pack 6296- Eric Eberly
        UC Pack 6535- Jamie Rowland
        UC Pack 6560- Jamie Rowland
ADC Troops- Patrick McDonough
        UC Troop 800- Patrick McDonough
        UC Troop 832-  Patrick McDonough
        UC Troop 840- Jim Huitt
        UC Troop 845- Patrick McDonough
        UC Troop 869- Patrick McDonough
        UC Troop 876- Luke Vetti 
        UC Troop 897- Luke Vetti
        UC Troop 1823- Eric Johnson
        UC Troop 1829- Dywana Saunders-Confroy
        UC Troop 1838- Eric Johnson
        UC Troop 1891- Kathy Dunn
        UC Troop 1892- Patrick McDonough
        UC Troop 1893- Linda Milone
        UC Troop 6516- Eric Eberly
        UC Troop 6535- Eric Eberly
        UC Troop 6596- Eric Eberly