District Contacts

The District Chairman is responsible to the council president to run the program of Scouting in their district as directed by the executive board of the council. As a member of the Key 3, they coordinate the work of the district to ensure the success of the units in the district. They are responsible for all communication between the council and the district. The District Chairman helps to secure support for Scouting from top community leaders an annually appoints a district Nominating committee to select nominees for district officers and members at large. As a member of the Key 3, they ensure that the district shows improvement in Journey to Excellence.

The District Commissioner represents the district as a member of the council commissioner cabinet and leads the commissioner staff in unit visitations. They oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit reregisters on time and with optimum membership. District Commissioners guide roundtable commissioners to ensure that monthly roundtables are well-attended, and provide practical and exciting unit program ideas. As a Key 3 they help meet district goals and support local and national Scouting policy, procedures, and practices.

The District Executive is employed by the council executive and as the full-time professional in the district, the district executive has a close working relationship with the district chair and the district commissioner to accomplish the district’s objectives through volunteers. They maintain regular contact with heads of chartered organizations, keep district records up to date, provide professional coaching and provide vital behind-the-scenes administrative skill.