District Camporee

10410413_10153405434091111_1090669700083306539_nDistrict Camporee is camping fun for youth, the thumping of hundreds of feet on the way to an evening campfire, and the blue smoke from fires cooking stew or ham and eggs. It’s the patter of rain on many tents at night. It’s the ripple of wind-blown flags in the morning sun. It’s catching the idea of teamwork in a patrol. It’s learning to carry out an order to help the team succeed. A camporee starts with the recognition that a patrol is the basic camping unit. The patrol demonstrates its very best camping techniques and shares its experiences with other patrols. The camporee involves the type of equipment that can be carried in a pack by scouts and can be set up entirely by scouts, allowing them to be completely self-sufficient for a self-reliant experience over a period of two or three days.

History of our Campfire Ashes

Camporee 2018
“Phoenix Rising”

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When: 16-18 November, 2018
Where: Albright Scout Reservation (11301 Trents Bridge Road, 23838, in       Chesterfield County on Lake Chesdin.)
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Eric Johnson, Event Chair          ewealthyjohnson@gmail.com
Frank Howard, Vice Chair          fxuncut@aol.com
Kathy Dunn                                    sdunn23@yahoo.com
Myron Kidd                                    mlkidd945@yahoo.com
Mark Wise                                      mark.wise@rich.frb.org