Conservation Merit Badge Day

 Note that while all of the Merit Badges offered are from the Hornaday Group the Scouts are not required to work toward or apply for the Hornaday Award in order to take the Merit Badge class on Sept 28.  A Hot Dog, chips and soft drink lunch will be provided to those Scouts registered for the Merit Badge Classes.  Scouts may bring along additional healthy snacks if they prefer.

Sign up for the Merit Badges by clicking on the selected MB picture in the rectangle below the class size limits are shown here (others will be offered in the Spring of 2020).  Once the fee is paid there are no refunds available.

  • Fish and Wildlife Management (Hornaday required) full day class, limit of 10
  • Forestry (Hornaday required) full day class, limit of 10
  • Soil and Water Conservation (Hornaday required) full day class, limit of 10
  • Landscape Architecture (Hornaday optional) full day class – limit of 8
  • Fishing (Hornaday optional) full day class, limit of 25
  • Weather (Hornaday optional) half day morning class, limit of 25

Follow this link for details and registration

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