Annual Friends of Scouting Dinner

9528District Key 3: Dist. Commissioner Heather Mulvihill, Senior Dist. Executive Geoff Angle,
District Chairman Bill Mulvihill, representing Huguenot Trial.

Heart of Virginia Council’s Annual Fundraising Dinner was held at the Richmond Convention Center 10 March, 2016 with guest speaker Rex Tillman CEO for Exxon Mobile Corp. delivering an insightful speech on how scouting shaped his career from the time he was made an  Eagle Scout at the age of 13 years. Mr. Tillman is a past National President for BSA serving from 2010-2012 and encouraged everyone in attendance to participate in some form with the annual campaign to support scouting in Central Virginia. The Annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises money to support our camps, service center and scout programming for the year; taking the budget and dividing it by the 12, 000 scouts we have in our Council comes to $250 per scout per year in operating expenses. Please give generously when asked at your next Blue & Gold Banquet or Court of Honor. Scouting is making a difference in the lives of our youth and not only “prepares scouts for life” but prepares our country for the future.

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