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District Pinewood Derby

  Huguenot Trail’s “District Pinewood Derby” is held every February  after the Packs have had a chance to run their own derbies.   Pinewood Derby 202226 February, 2022 Guidelines for 2022:1. Cars must adhere to the rules and parameters of the “District’s 2022 Official Rules” found below. 2. All attendees […]

2021 Huguenot Trail District Pinewood Derby Results!

Boogity Boogity Boogity!!! We went racing!  The 2021 Huguenot Trail District Pinewood Derby was held this morning at Bethel Baptist Church, Midlothian. You may watch the recorded race  HERE and see how your fellow scouts did! The race “Final Standings” and “Individual Rank Race Standings” are listed below. We want to thank Chesterfield Autoparts for their […]
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District Leadership Structure

[…]Vacant Program Chair- Vacant     Fall Camporee- Eric Johnson, Frank Howard      Pinewood Derby-     WEBS/AOL Transition- Jamie Quinn     Cub Day Camp- Geoff Angle     OA Lodge- Dave Sanders     Community Day of Service- Abigail Davis-HessNominating Committee- Bob Preston, Heather Mulvihill, Jaime Quinn […]