2018 District Pinewood Derby Results!

Attention race fans!!! The District PWD was held 24 February, at Bethel Baptist Church. The Official racing results are hot off the press and are as follows:

Lion 1st place- C. Morris P876
Lion 2nd place-
M. Nelson P1838
Lion 3rd place-  B. Gleason P1838
Tiger 1st place- C. Lively P876
Tiger 2nd place-  O. Loemis P1825
Tiger  3rd place- G. Ross P1811
Wolf  1st place- C. Young P1811
Wolf 2nd place- R. Stone P876
Wolf 3rd place- R. Haskin P1811
Bear  1st place- J. Ruppel-Lee P6296
Bear 2nd place- A. Kaleta P1838
Bear  3rd place- N. Rusher P893
WEBS  1st place – Z. Wood P1825
WEBS 2nd place-  C. Collins P861
WEBS 3rd place- D. Haskin P1811
AOL  1st place- C. Crayton P1879
AOL 2nd place- J. Leach P1838
AOL 3rd place- T. Williams P1838

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all to parents, Boy Scouts, and District leaders who came out to help make this event a success. A special thank you to Bethel Baptist Church for once again allowing us to use their facilities and to volunteers from Virginia Commonwealth Bank.

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